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The ERCIM Technical Reference Digital Library service (ETRDL) was promoted by the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM) with the aim of managing grey literature produced by scientists working in the areas of information science and applied mathematics, making their research results immediately world wide available and also building a test-bed for their research activities. ETRDL has been implemented as part of an international federation: NCSTRL (the US Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library) and adopts the well-known Dienst software. However, in order to meet the specific requirements of a European research community while maintaining compatibility with NCSTRL, Dienst has been adapted by extending the existing functionality (e.g. search and browse), adding new capabilities (multilingual interface and access functions) and implementing new services (on-line document submission and withdrawal, administration). The system is open, providing a core set of services for the entire ERCIM collection which can be further specialized on the collections of the single ERCIM institutions according to local requirements.