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Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research – Phase II

Period:December 1, 2007 - November 30, 2009


FP7 EU Combination of Collaborative projects and Coordination and support actions project (Grant agreement: 212147, Call: INFRA-2007-1.2.1 “Scientific Digital Repositories”). The objective of DRIVER-II is to consolidate the efforts made in its first phase and transform the initial test-bed into a fully functional, state-of-the art service, extending the network to a larger confederation of repositories. DRIVER is integral to the suite of electronic infrastructures that have emerged in the worldwide GÉANT network and is hence funded under the e-Infrastructures call of the European Commission's 7th framework programme. It aims to “… optimise the way the e-Infrastructure is used to store knowledge, add value to primary research data and information making secondary research more effective, provide a valuable asset for industry, and help bridging research and education.” The objectives of DRIVER-II include efforts to expand, enrich, and strengthen the results of DRIVER, in the following areas: 1) strategic geographic and communtiy expansion by means of the DRIVER confederation, 2) stablish a robust, scalable repository infrastructure accompanied by an open source software package D-Net, 3) broader coverage of content through the use of enhanced publications, 4) advanced end-user functionality to support scientific exploration of complex digital objects, 5) larger outreach and advocacy programmes, 6) continued repository support, 7) guidelines for interoperability in the larger European digital library community.

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