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Intelligent platform based on crowdsourcing and crowdsensing tecnology to allow security plus crisis and emergency management

Period:January 1, 2013 - March 31, 2015
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The District Technology for ICT and telecommunication is the attempt to systematize the territorial excellence, maximizing partnerships and collaborations among the various actors of innovation and technology transfer (according to the Regional Development Programme 2011-2015).

This attention is divided into 3 areas to be exploited in the optical cross-disciplinary: ICT for the productive system, ICT for Public Service, ICT for large technology infrastructure.

It ‘s natural that Secure! focuses precisely these areas for its value in terms of safety in each of them.

In the Program it is stressed that in recent years took place a convergence among various subject areas, where scientific domains  (initially separate) have started to strongly integrate  (Complexity Science) to the ICT, which becomes an instrument of dialogue. Nowadays the complex technological infrastructures  play a vital role in the life of nations; and therefore they are crucial elements whose vulnerability can have serious repercussions. For these reasons are needed new models of  ”Complex Systems” and new approaches, besides the use of conventional cognitive paradigms and technological tools.

Secure! offers precisely an innovative approach to the problem, focusing on the potential of widespread and cooperative intelligence.

Project (FESR PorCreo 2007-2013) 2013-2014

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