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OpenAIRE - CONNECTing scientific results in support of Open Science

Period:January 1, 2017 - June 30, 2017


OpenAIRE-Connect fosters transparent evaluation of results and facilitates reproducibility of science for research communities by enabling a scientific communication ecosystem supporting exchange of artefacts, packages of artefacts, and links between them across communities and across content providers. To this aim, OpenAIRE- Connect will introduce and implement the concept of Open Science as a Service (OSaaS) on top of the existing OpenAIRE infrastructure1, by delivering out-of-the-box, on-demand deployable tools in support of Open Science. OpenAIRE-Connect will realize and operate two OSaaS services. The first will serve research communities to (i) publish research artefacts (packages and links), and (ii) monitor their research impact. The second will engage and mobilize content providers, and serve them with services enabling notification-based exchange of research artefacts, to leverage their transition towards Open Science paradigms. Both services will be served on-demand according to the OSaaS approach, hence be re-usable by different disciplines and providers, each with different practices and maturity levels, so as to favor a shift towards a uniform cross-community and cross-content provider scientific communication ecosystem

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