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Infrastruttura Pervasiva Eterogenea Real-time per il controllo della Mobilit√°

Period:September 15, 2009 - April 15, 2011
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Within the domain of “Intelligent Transport Systems IPERMOB proposes a multi-tier approach for developing an Information System for urban mobility.

IPERMOB proposes a new generation of integrated systems based on the optimization and inter-operability of the chain formed by:

  1. data collection systems;
  2. aggregation, management, and on-line control systems;
  3. off-line systems aiming at infrastructure planning;
  4. information systems targeted to citizen and municipality to handle and rule the vehicle mobility.

Specifically IPERMOB proposes low-cost wireless technology (WSN) and image processing techniques to estimate traffic-related information.

In IPERMOB vehicular networks (IEEE 802.11a/p) will be interoperated with WSN (IEEE 802.15.4) and connected to a centralized database through wide band 5 GHz link (IEEE 802.11h).

As tested, IPERMOB will provide real-time information about parking availability and vehicle flows on the landside of the International Airport of Tuscany (Pisa).

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