Networked Multimedia Information Systems Laboratory

Chiara Magliozzi

Visiting Fellow

Journal articles

1Coro G., Large S., Magliozzi C., Pagano P. Analysing and forecasting fisheries time series: purse seine in Indian Ocean as a case study. In: Ices Journal of Marine Science, vol. 74 Oxford University Press, [Online First 31 July 2016]           
2Coro G., Magliozzi C., Ellenbroek A., Kaschner K., Pagano P. Automatic classification of climate change effects on marine species distributions in 2050 using the AquaMaps model. In: Environmental and Ecological Statistics, vol. 23 (1) pp. 155 - 180. Springer [8 August 2015], 2016.           
3Coro G., Magliozzi C., Vanden Berghe E., Bailly N., Ellenbroek A., Pagano P. Estimating absence locations of marine species from data of scientific surveys in OBIS. In: Ecological Modelling, vol. 323 pp. 61 - 76. Elsevier, 2016.        

4Coro G., Magliozzi C., Ellenbroek A., Pagano P. Improving data quality to build a robust distribution model for Architeuthis dux. In: Ecological Modelling, vol. 305 pp. 29 - 39. Elsevier, 2015.