Networked Multimedia Information Systems Laboratory

Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University



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The Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University was established in 1994 and is the very first specialized faculty of its kind in the Czech Republic. Its establishment followed decades of experience built in the area of Mathematical Informatics at the Faculty of Science, and with significant involvement from prominent specialists in the field of informatics at both national and international levels. Masaryk University recognized the importance of informatics and interdisciplinary informatics applications, the need to offer quality education aimed at understanding this field, and the practical application of informatics knowledge. The achievements of the faculty and its graduates are testament not only to the success of the faculty but also to the university as a whole.

From a modest beginning of twenty academic staff and less than four hundred students, the faculty has grown rapidly. Today, with more than 2,200 students, the faculty offers a wide range of study programmes at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level. Bachelor study provides first level of high school education in computer science, Master study offers second level of high school education in three basic study programmes (study of information sciences, applied informatics and inter-faculty studies of computer science for teachers in combination with other field of study) with wide range of fields of study. All programmes can be studied full-time; doctoral programme is also a combined programme.

A high standard of teaching is combined with in depth scientific research. Academic and research staff have achieved significant successes internationally in many areas of informatics, such as Quantum Informatics, Concurrent and Distributed Computing, Database Systems, Computer Graphics and Image Processing, Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, Computer and Communication Security, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Natural Language Processing.